Becket Arts Center runs a variety of programs throughout the year, including summer lectures and workshops, community programs in the fall, winter and spring, as well as our summer art camps for children. 

  Feline Groovy  by   Dave Rothstein

Feline Groovy by Dave Rothstein

  Turnips  by Molly Pomerance

Turnips by Molly Pomerance

  Camps  by Becket Arts Center

Camps by Becket Arts Center

Marty Lasker Lectures

The Marty Lasker series includes a series of consecutive Tuesday night lectures during the summer.  This summer's theme is First Sparks: Inspiration. Join us!

Summer Workshops

Becket Arts Center runs workshops throughout the year, from summer block printing classes through to Christmas wreath-making workshops in December.

Summer Camps

Children from all over the Berkshires come together to explore their inner artist, to receive inspiration and to learn techniques from professional art teachers.

  Painter's Tools  by Molly Pomerance

Painter's Tools by Molly Pomerance

  Wreath-Making December Workshops

Wreath-Making December Workshops

  Artichokes  by Molly Pomerance

Artichokes by Molly Pomerance

Community Events

Becket Arts Center is a proud member of the Becket community.  Together with our community partners, we hope to bring the arts to as many residents and visitors as we can reach.  Join us at one of the many community events that we participate in throughout the year.

Winter Workshops

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons in the Berkshires, and the snow falling in Becket is no exception.  Becket Arts Center hosts winter wreath making workshops and a variety of other non-summer season events.

Fall & Spring Workshops

As the seasons change, Becket Arts Center continues to offer programs to the community.  Join us.